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     Windjunky Sunday November 19, 2023
    Ross Bay, Wingfoiling
    This Year: 30


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    Saturday December 28, 2019
    Total Records: 304
    This Year: 30

    Sunday November 19, 2023 Ross Bay, Wingfoiling
     Sunday November 19, 2023 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Ross Bay, Wingfoiling NW 20 - 30
    waist to shoulder
    2.50 hours Naish hover wing carbon 85
    cabrinha cross wing 4
    axis BSC 890 1290
    axis SP900 1080
    Super fun waves even with a bit of lumpiness. Cruised around on the 890 BSC for half the session decided to try spitfire again was frustrated and dissapointed at first but learned I just need to ride more aggressively much faster and have to keep the speed up and pay attention ,starting to see the potential, much more fun the more I got used to it.
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