Ozone Hyperlink V2 9M or 11M

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Ozone Hyperlink V2 9M or 11M

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The Ozone Hyperlink are perhaps the ultimate light wind foiling machines. They fly in as little as 3-5 knots. Great snow kites as well.
Both with minimal use. Bought a couple of years ago.
I also have a Ozone Snow Control Bar V4 which works on the water or on land. It's a good choice for both disciplines. The lines get setup in 5 line mode for snow and 4 line mode for water. Lines are super thin and super strong. Bar is fantastic itself.

Also, foil kites make learning to tack on a foil MUCH easier. If you're at that stage foiling you may want to consider a foil kite. Of course they are amazing on snow too. I will only be selling one of the two kites by the way. I'm indifferent between the 9 and the 11 myself.

9m $1350
11m $1350
V4 bar $500

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