2024 Website Donations

This website costs a lot to run. I do it as a hobby and not as a business and make just enough money to buy new webcams and weather stations. In 2020, 3 new webcams were purchased. In 2023, a webcam and weather station were purchased for Nitinaht Lake. Each webcam and weather station costs about $800 ea. Currently, we have 11 webcams and four weather stations operating.

Along with webcam and weather station purchases, I also pay the internet bills for some of the webcams, software to run the backend of the site, webhosting ($120 per month !!), backup software costs, fuel for site visits to fix broken webcams etc. This adds up to a large monthly bill. The money from the sponsors just covers the monthly internet and web hosting bills. Individual donations are needed if we want to have money to maintain the existing equipment and expand to new sites.

Thank you to everyone for the generous contributions so far !

Currently, donated users do not see most of the Google Ads on the website (donated within 1 year; must be logged in). Donated users can also sign up for SMS or push notification wind alerts.

The best ways to support the website are:

- make a donation using this page,
- visit the sponsors pages and let them know you saw their ad on BWD when you visit,
- click on the Google ads on the homepage, webcam and forecasts pages that interest you (the website gets money per click),
- and be active in the sailing log and forum.

Please note that PayPal charges a fee for this service ($0.30 + 2.9%). Here is a sample of what they charge.
> If you give $10, the fee is $0.59 and the website gets $9.41
> If you give $50, the fee is $1.75 and the website gets $48.25
> If you give $100, the fee is $3.20 and the website gets $96.80

If you would rather e-transfer, send to
or to mail a cheque, please make it out to:
Dave Billenness (not bigwavedave)
745 Ardmore Drive
North Saanich BC
V8L 5G2

Online Donation

Use this form to make an online donation. If this is for something specific, please note that in the comment box

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2024 Website Donations

Donation Information