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     BigWingBart Sunday October 1, 2023
    Pipers Lgn, Wingfoiling
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    Sunday October 1, 2023
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    Sunday October 1, 2023 Pipers Lgn, Wingfoiling
     Sunday October 1, 2023 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Pipers Lgn, Wingfoiling NW 10 - 13
    Fairly flat
    1.00 hours KT Wing Drifter 130
    Duotone Ventis 7 m2
    Fanatic Aero HA 2000/300 cm2
    I looked up and down the Island on the webcams and nobody was windsurfing/kiting/winging. After two good late-season days in a row at Piper's I decided to find out how little wind I could foil with using the 7 m2. The answer for me was about 10 to 12 knots (Entrance report) allowed foiling from the beach past the lull to the boats fishing outside. Coming back was more difficult but mostly because my starboard tack isn't as reliable. (my first day bothering to pump and my third day on foil in both directions) By 1:30 pm the party was done due to too much slogging and the cloud started to roll in spoiling any chance for some thermal generated winds.

    I did get to meet the "German Couple" who have been travelling the Island for windsurfing adventure. Quite reasonably nobody else showed up on the beach other than the late-season lady swimmers who are becoming something of a trend.

    Fair to say that the sailing log reports get a bit less dramatic on the first day of October.
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