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     Bobson Monday October 2, 2023
    Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
    This Year: 155


    Log Started:
    Tuesday July 13, 2004
    Total Records: 754
    This Year: 155

    Monday October 2, 2023 Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
     Monday October 2, 2023 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cattle Pt, Windfoiling SE 10 - 15
    flat and confused
    2.50 hours Starboard Freeride 150
    Sailworks Flyer 7.0
    Starboard Front wing 1100
    Starboard Stabilizer 255
    Starboard Mast 85cm
    Starboard Fuse 115+
    Went to Willows to check it out but on the shore it was light and looked better out a ways so headed to Cattle Point and there was better wind there, still light but figured the 7.0m Sailworks Flyer (aka Session Saver) would work. Well, it did. Pretty much up foiling right away but would have been happier on the 6.0m as there was lots to get up on the foil but once up the 7.0m is a bit of work compared to the 6.0m Flyer. Pretty much rained the whole session, fairly hard at times. Went and said HI to a couple boats that went by and went from Mary Tod over to Jemmy Jones and once even out towards Discovery. No one around until once I was feeling like I was done but saw Gautam and Highrocker so headed over to say HI to them and then pulled the plug at 75kms. Packed up at CP and headed to Willows to say HI again. Low and behold Rupp-Dogg was there looking wet and not really enthused about heading out to the cold, wet, light wind. He headed home to watch MNF, I looked out and saw 6 Wingers all schlogging so I decided to let them be and headed home for a couple G+T's and some cheesies. Yumm!! Still using water shoes and no gloves but that might change soon as my hands actually got chilly. HA! Yes, I'm soft. Kind of felt like winter foiling today. Maybe some more warmth this coming weekend. Thinking about a last Nitinaht trip if there is no wind here.

    GPS Track: CP - Wet and Kinda Cold12:50 PM to 3:24 PM
    Moving Time02:31:49
    Foiling Time 02:27:37
    Distance (km)74.2
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)21.0 / 21.0 / 20.7
    Number of Turns 77 (96% Foiling)
    MAX 2023 - 23.1 kt, 219 turns, 100%TOTAL 2023 - 6673 km, 264.9 hours
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