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     Highrocker Monday February 12, 2024
    Cattle Pt, Wingfoiling
    This Year: 28


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    Tuesday January 31, 2023
    Total Records: 171
    This Year: 28

    Monday February 12, 2024 Cattle Pt, Wingfoiling
     Monday February 12, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cattle Pt, Wingfoiling NW 8 - 16
    Mostly flat
    1.50 hours JP Australia Foil Pro 115L
    Cabrinha X3 Windows 5m
    Axis Aluminum Mast 900mm
    Axis 1020mm Carbon Front Wing 2050sqcm
    Nice session today after a windless lull. Perfect 6.2m wing conditions. Sadly, I locked my big wing in my Yakima carrier and left the key at home. Meh. Luckily I had my 5m handy. Just not good for my allergy to pumping. There was enough to get up and foil steadily until I hit holes in Caddy. The stress forced me to have a GnT at RVYC. I occasionally caught glimpses of Bobson and the 48er maching by me. Great to have the sun come out. Still a fine session and I left a bit for Tuna. Twizz just watched and pined for the tropics.
    GPS Track: 240212 Cattle Pt11:46 AM to 1:42 PM
    Moving Time01:26:37
    Foiling Time 00:49:07
    Distance (km)16.6
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)12.7 / 12.6 / 12.1
    Number of Turns 42 (36% Foiling)
    MAX 2024 - 12.9 kt, 77 turns, 84%TOTAL 2024 - 234 km, 17.7 hours
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