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     TunaCan Friday February 16, 2024
    Willows Bch, Wingfoiling
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    Thursday December 29, 2022
    Total Records: 106
    This Year: 19

    Friday February 16, 2024 Willows Bch, Wingfoiling
     Friday February 16, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Willows Bch, Wingfoiling ENE 10 - 18
    1.20 hours
    First decent foil in awhile. Arrived to Highrocker getting ready - I was a little slow getting out there as it was FREEZING but sunny. First 10km didnt fall in once, wind was pretty steady, but had hard to stay entertained in the cold and flat conditions. Went in to unfreeze the hands and Danno arrived with some hot water for the gloves and suite which warmed me up nicely and I was pretty comfortable for the rest of the session. Beautiful day out there!
    GPS Track: Chilly Friday10:12 AM to 11:31 AM
    Moving Time01:00:35
    Foiling Time 00:47:43
    Distance (km)21.6
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)21.8 / 21.7 / 20.2
    Number of Turns 99 (58% Foiling)
    MAX 2024 - 20.2 kt, 172 turns, 58%TOTAL 2024 - 108 km, 5.9 hours
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