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     idefix Friday February 16, 2024
    Willows Bch, Wingfoiling
    This Year: 40


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    Friday December 2, 2022
    Total Records: 184
    This Year: 40

    Friday February 16, 2024 Willows Bch, Wingfoiling
     Friday February 16, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Willows Bch, Wingfoiling ENE 10 - 14
    1.50 hours JP WingAir 110L
    Cabrina x3 5.0
    Duotone Slick 6.0
    Fanatic Foil AERO Free 1250 cm2
    Fanatic Foil AERO HA 1750 cm2
    Missed it by that much :(

    The early shift, Tuna, H-Rock and Lancer got the best of it! Wind dropping as I rigged. A good workout on the 5.0 and back in to upsize. Keeping warm was the goal, a shot of hot water in the mitts and a bigger board to stay afloat. Light sailing with Tweezer with a long slog to end the session. Maybe tomorrow :))
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