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     yeahmon Thursday February 22, 2024
    Los Barilles, Wingfoiling
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    Saturday January 2, 2010
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    This Year: 9

    Thursday February 22, 2024 Los Barilles, Wingfoiling
     Thursday February 22, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Los Barilles, Wingfoiling N 12 - 18
    1.50 hours
    Drove into town to wing with a friend who's just learned kiting ,really nice area just in front of exotica school but lots of water traffic kinda like my private area in spa buena vista 3 km south but still awesome here, great 4 meter weather and swells small and smooth , 4 days since wind so nice to see it back, I saw about a dozen good size turtles ( 2 ft or more shells) on the surface , glad I didn't nail any , did that last year, and apparently there was a whale 200 ft offshore right by me that I missed, so good time on water after a nice 4 hr ride to punta peacadero , with El Ni??o there's a little less wind this year, last yr we'd get 4 days in a row 25 but a bit more spottier this yr but still ' no bad days in the Baja'
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