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     Bobson Friday March 1, 2024
    Willows Bch, Windfoiling
    This Year: 49


    Log Started:
    Tuesday July 13, 2004
    Total Records: 817
    This Year: 49

    Friday March 1, 2024 Willows Bch, Windfoiling
     Friday March 1, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Willows Bch, Windfoiling SE 2 - 25
    0.50 hours Starboard Freeride 150
    Sailworks Flyer 4.5
    Starboard Mast 85cm
    Starboard Evolution Fuse 115
    Starboard Stabilizer 255 SLR
    Starboard Evolution Foil 1100
    Nope, not Winging yet. Still need a Wing. Arrived to Willows with TunaCan and The Twizz packing it in which was weird cause it looked amaze-balls!! Probably 20-25kts onshore. Mtnarg heading out before me on the 4.0m and me rigging a 4.5m. About 1,000 kids all poured onto the beach from the local school which made things interesting with A LOT of screaming. Anyways, got out there and it was great for 25 mins then within 5 mins it died to absolutely nothing and I aimed for the beach with GregCan and Mtnarg sitting on their boards in the water. Then switched to West straight offshore, luckily GregCan, Mtnarg and I were all within 100m of the beach and all made it back easily. The sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon, well, except for the no wind thing. Better 30 mins than nothing. Tomorrow looks good.

    GPS Track: Willows - Got the last of it2:08 PM to 2:40 PM
    Moving Time00:24:10
    Foiling Time 00:19:35
    Distance (km) 9.3
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)18.7 / 18.6 / 18.1
    Number of Turns 17 (76% Foiling)
    MAX 2024: 22.0 kt, 140 turns, 100%TOTAL 2024: 928 km, 40.4 hours
    MAX: 29.6 kt, 256 turns, 100%TOTAL: 20,259 km, 845 hours
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