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     Chuck Friday March 1, 2024
    3rd Ave, Bbay, Kitesurfing
    This Year: 6


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    Thursday January 16, 2020
    Total Records: 143
    This Year: 6

    Friday March 1, 2024 3rd Ave, Bbay, Kitesurfing
     Friday March 1, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     3rd Ave, Bbay, Kitesurfing SE 20 - 30
    1.50 hours Naish Skater 5,2
    Naish Pivot 10m
    Naish BTB 24m lines
    Very powered 10m session with waist/shoulder high waves out by the Mike Marker.

    Got blown off the water when wind ramped up and gusted 30+, was tempted to grab the TT for fun speedruns and boosties between the growing sandbars.

    Great waves with lots of lip-smacking goodness, when the wind and swell angle start working, that place is magic. Shame no other surfcraft shared the sesh, but looks like they were on it earlier.

    Sad I missed the Wing Party, Tsawassen!
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