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     abetanzo Tuesday April 2, 2024
    Clover Pt, Kitesurfing
    This Year: 12


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    Monday May 21, 2012
    Total Records: 663
    This Year: 12

    Tuesday April 2, 2024 Clover Pt, Kitesurfing
     Tuesday April 2, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Clover Pt, Kitesurfing WNW 18 - 25
    0.50 hours OR Mako 135x37
    Ocean Rodeo Rise 10
    Should've come down earlier but managed to hit it while it ramped up.. the 10m was juiced to start but it didn't last long.. couple decent jumps then a slash or two.. but it dropped like a rock! Eventually walked in on the south of the point up a ditch and the bank.. landed and said to some kook... don't think you should go out on your 8m! Then they went anyways!!

    Edit: found out yesterday someone swam in at McNeil Bay.. that's pretty shit people.. get your head together and assess the conditions prior to launching.. ask the veteran who just came off the water.. wtf
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