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     Bobson Friday April 12, 2024
    Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
    This Year: 77


    Log Started:
    Tuesday July 13, 2004
    Total Records: 845
    This Year: 77

    Friday April 12, 2024 Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
     Friday April 12, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cattle Pt, Windfoiling NE 10 - 17
    flatter clatter
    1.80 hours Starboard Freeride 150
    Sailworks Flyer 5.2
    Sailworks Flyer 7.0
    Starboard Mast 85cm
    Starboard Stabilizer 255 SLR
    Starboard Evolution Foil 900
    Starboard Evolution Fuse 115
    Couldn't wait any longer, took afternoon off and headed to CP at 2pm. Arrived to GregCan, Gautham, and RedVanPaul all beaming, in a circle chanting BDE, BDE, BDE!! I'm not sure what that meant but I took their smiles as a positive sign. I looked at the water and saw 15-17kt gusts and maybe 10-12kt lulls so I rigged the 5.2m fat and had on the 900 front foil for some speed as the last few session of Winging have been pretty slow. I had to find a gust and pump to get on foil but after that it was on foil all the time. After 40 mins the wind lightened up so I headed in for the 7.0m. Morgan was there deciding that there was not enough wind for his 70l board. I agreed. I headed back out and for then next almost hour it was just about finding gusts to get on the foil and then hope there was enough to keep going. I found a gust at the end and foiled into just before the channel marker. Good session and good workout as there was lots of pumpy-pumpy-hump! Hoping for some more N tomorrow, oh ya, more sunshine too as it was delicious!!

    GPS Track: CP - Warm Friday Afternoon2:50 PM to 4:47 PM
    Moving Time01:36:36
    Foiling Time 00:46:05
    Distance (km)26.2
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)20.2 / 20.2 / 20.0
    Number of Turns 30 (60% Foiling)
    MAX 2024: 22.0 kt, 173 turns, 100%TOTAL 2024: 1,630 km, 77.1 hours
    MAX: 29.6 kt, 256 turns, 100%TOTAL: 20,962 km, 881 hours
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