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     winddoctor Saturday May 18, 2024
    Chicama, Wingfoiling
    This Year: 43


    Log Started:
    Sunday August 22, 2004
    Total Records: 1281
    This Year: 43

    Saturday May 18, 2024 Chicama, Wingfoiling
     Saturday May 18, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Chicama, Wingfoiling SE 20 - 25
    1.00 hours KT Ginxu 72L, 4'10"
    KT DD 4
    Armstrong 50 fuse 50cm
    Armstrong Performance 935
    Armstrong Dart 140
    Armstrong HA 680 680cm2
    Shot the boys on our final tow session. Feeling rough with a cold. The swell was the best of the trip but it didn't quite fill in as forecast. Still, a bad swell day at Chicama is all time most other places. Winged the afternoon as it was my last chance to do so before the 30 hr trip home. Caught a few incredibly long waves but felt very sapped from being sick Can't even imagine what Chicama is like when it's fully on!. All in all an incredible trip. Such a great crew to spend time with, food was great, and this is a must do item on the bucket list (multiple times!). Bring a small foil, long mast, and a 4/5m wing for winging and a tow board. Came home with an infected foot, bad cold, and amazing memories of a special place!
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