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     KUS Monday December 13, 2004
    Willows Bch, Windsurfing
    This Year: 15


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    Sunday October 17, 2004
    Total Records: 1777
    This Year: 15

    Monday December 13, 2004 Willows Bch, Windsurfing
     Monday December 13, 2004 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Willows Bch, Windsurfing SE 10 - 30
    odd decent 3'er, chop
    1.50 hours Naish Supercross 257 94L
    Protec Slalom 9'1" 108L
    Sailworks Revo 4.8
    pointer fin 11-18"
    B & J fin 11-13"
    Man: started w/nothing, then crankin' w/ trouble getting 4.8 to beach only to flounder minutes later like a potato sack in the "hole". Rob: instant replay different guy! :evil: Grabbed slalom board & almost perished due to control issues :shock: , back to Supercross, upgraded to megafin, as things improved w/ on-off stuff, mostly slightly off. Warm feet (wow, now that's nice) & hot top (new MEC wickfleece) w/other fleece, holy heat batman! 8)

    Sail 6 Jump 5 Wave 6 on at 1130, died at 1330 again...

    Others out: windadd, W257, ruskie, winddoc, some guy who got repeatedly worked inshore, poor bastard! :?

    Disappointing only cuz when sun came out, then waves built with high tide had all the elements of epic session....well, except the wind consistency....lots of empty bag gusts, almost totalled a seal :twisted:
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