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     Wingnut Monday December 13, 2004
    Columbia Bch, Windsurfing
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    Tuesday October 5, 2004
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    Monday December 13, 2004 Columbia Bch, Windsurfing
     Monday December 13, 2004 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Columbia Bch, Windsurfing SE 20 - 25
    2-3 ft. swell
    1.50 hours Starboard Fish 85 l. 7'8"
    Sailworks Revolution 4.7 m.
    The wind didn't fill in till 1:30 and looked lighter than it actually was. I was very powered up for the first hour, took a break and it mellowed a bit when I got back out. The break was pretty small inside and 3-5 ft. outside. Ended my session with a sprained ankle when I did a jump and my front foot came out of the strap, landing awkwardly on one foot. :(

    I felt pretty out of shape after not sailing for a month but had fun up to the final couple of minutes anyway.
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