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     morewind Sunday December 19, 2004
    Cook Street, Windsurfing
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    Wednesday July 7, 2004
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    Sunday December 19, 2004 Cook Street, Windsurfing
     Sunday December 19, 2004 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cook Street, Windsurfing W 20 - 25
    chop, lumpy
    3.00 hours RRD Cult 55 8'4", 83L
    Sailworks Revo 5.0m
    A breakthru day :D trying forwards :!: Perfect conditions. Steep head-on chop, steady wind, warm. Tom started off the stoke (thanks Tom!), which got Bean, Chris, and I feeling the peer pressure. Gave 4 good attempts. 3rd time got totally around in the waterstart position, but board came off at the end. What a rush. Maybe need to pull up that back leg some more. Peer pressure rules. Can't wait to try these at Columbia.
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