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     Alex Sunday December 19, 2004
    Cook Street, Kitesurfing
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    Sunday November 14, 2004
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    Sunday December 19, 2004 Cook Street, Kitesurfing
     Sunday December 19, 2004 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cook Street, Kitesurfing W 23 - 30
    Swell with chop
    1.50 hours North Jaime Pro 128*37.4
    Best Yarga 9M
    Windy was preaty dirty. Underpowered a lot of the time. Then waves of strong wind would come through. Good to see a bunch of guys down there. Make sure you have your spreader bar attached real tight! I had one side unhook then soon after the other side clip bent and my spreader bar completely detached. Luckly I was able to pull the safety. Got one leg hog tied on the swim in with 30 meters of line and spent 30 minutes untangling it off my leg.
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