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     Russian Dood Tuesday December 21, 2004
    Cook Street, Windsurfing
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    Russian Dood


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    Tuesday July 6, 2004
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    Tuesday December 21, 2004 Cook Street, Windsurfing
     Tuesday December 21, 2004 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cook Street, Windsurfing WNW 1 - 18
    1-3 ft
    0.50 hours Wind&Surf Custom 255 75 L
    Ezzy Wave 5.5
    It started as a mellow, but pretty nice session. I had a couple of good jumps, unhooked, fully controlled, with good altitude, VERY nice landing, and then somebody hit the switch. Being on 75l board in no wind doesn't help, therefore I had a nice 30 min swim back.

    All and all not bad. 30 min sailing + 30 min swimming = 1 hour of good exercise :wink:

    God bless all those people who didn't call 911 :D
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