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     KUS Monday December 27, 2004
    Cattle Point, Windsurfing
    This Year: 15


    Log Started:
    Sunday October 17, 2004
    Total Records: 1777
    This Year: 15

    Monday December 27, 2004 Cattle Point, Windsurfing
     Monday December 27, 2004 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cattle Point, Windsurfing NNE 10 - 14
    speed flat
    1.00 hours Protec Slalom 9'1" 108L
    Hot Sails Sonic 6.9
    pointer fin 11-18"
    hot tub bubbly with brown pops 6x6
    Well Bobson, someone had to check, better than wonderin' if it was sailable all friggin' day! Figured faster way to rig 6.9, man that thing's BIG! :shock: I had forgotten. Some helitack attempts (made 1), shin deep tacks, kinda fun but no gybes trying to stay upwind, ahh, upbreeze. Needed a formula board though, if New Year's Day is like this that'll be a hit! 8)

    Sail 3 Wave 0 Jump 0 Gorgeous aft/ evening, Baker in full bloom! :P
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