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     KUS Friday December 31, 2004
    Cattle Point, Windsurfing
    This Year: 15


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    Sunday October 17, 2004
    Total Records: 1777
    This Year: 15

    Friday December 31, 2004 Cattle Point, Windsurfing
     Friday December 31, 2004 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cattle Point, Windsurfing ENE 14 - 127
    cattle boogers, odd ramp
    2.50 hours Protec Slalom 9'1" 108L
    Hot Sails Sonic 6.9
    hot tub bubbly with brown pops 6x6
    pointer fin 11-18"
    OOOuuuhyeaaaahhh. :lol: Didn't think could have that much fun w/barndoor 6.9; great Cattle sesh, not cold beyond fingertips first hr. Really kicked in @230 45 minutes, couldda been on a 5.4. Lotsa heli tacks (made 3), easy duckgybes & tacks today, nice herogybe conditions inshore; sailor checked on me after wouldbe nosedive forward: "r u alright?" "Why, gotta beer for me?" :twisted: Otherwise couldn't be better, sun our, Baker out, no boats, sailors, logs to dodge. :P

    Sail 7+ Jump 4 Wave 5 What a way to close out the year!! 8)
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