Is this a scam?

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Is This A Scam

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They have other methods too. I haven't quite figured this one out yet but this happened to me in the last week:

I am Martins Tracewell from United Kingdom and would be coming over to
canada in some weeks.I am intrested in buying your new 2005 8.0m Severne
NCX, i am willing to pay 500 CAN cash immediately.Would appreciate it if
you sent me pictures and details of its current condition.Thanks and
looking foward to your favorable response today.Once you recieve payment i
will come pick it up as soon as i arrive if that is okay.Pls give me a call
Martins Tracewell

I replied with all the info he wanted and here was his response:

Thanks for getting back to me,will be expecting pictures and also your call,feel free to call me anytime okay.Once i get pictures,i will send payment tomorrow.Concerning payment i would have preferred wiring the money to you via western union but i live in the country side and there is no western union outlet close by,if i send out a check it might take some time due to the slow postal system,so the best alternative would be a bank to bank transfer,that way you get the money immediately.Do you have an account with Royal Bank of Canada or Bank of Montreal,pls let me know so i could send payment immediately,also pls do get back to me with your home address and phone number.Thanks and hope to hear from you.Give me a call on my cell phone
Martins Tracewell

I checked with my bank on 3 occasions to be sure that there was no security risk with providing my account number a they assured me that it would be OK. No deposit was ever made and he also closed this email account and I wasn't going to waste any $$$ on calling him.

This was pretty freaky for me even though the Royal Bank assured me that my account would not be compromised.

NO more Email addresses in the listing at Coastal BC!!!!
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Scaming the scamer
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There is a site devoted to making life miserable for the scammers. Search out "419 eaters" and I guarantee you will find yourself in hysterics. Some of the counter-scammers actually get money out of the scammers. "419" refers to a Nigerian regulation that prohibits scamming activity (I believe). Search it out and enjoy.
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cash is king.
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I had a woman (posing probably) with an ad on bc's with a location listing of vancouver selling her husband's Ford 4x4 Sportsmobile for $8 grand....... bitter divorce settlement. I had visions of the ol' lamborghini of the cheating husband being sold off so I sent a note. I replied to the ad saying I wanted to see it....turned out (according to her) she and the vehicle are in Montreal and she's listed it on Ebay for purchase and I could pay it there. All the photos were also on there and I could view it in Montreal.

I said I had a (imaginary) friend a few blocks from her to come by and see the vehicle and he would give her cash upon seeing it, the paperwork and a lean search. The vehicle was all of a sudden out of town but he could wire the money via Western Union.....I said I could pay in paypal and have it held there til the product is available.....what was her paypal email address and phone number....Oh, no good, no account and there were so many people interested in this vehicle she couldn't answer all these thousands of emails but if I just did pay it via Ebay she would honor our arrangement"" and sell it to me....

This went on a few more emails, I was over the pissed off the thing is not in Vancouver to being pissed off wasting my time with some schlepp trying to screw people to having fun wasting their sorta worked to cheer me up but in the end you waste time too and the rewards unless you can con them into sending YOU money are not worth it. I should have asked her for the fees of the Western Union transfer tho..... :lol:

I finally did tell her Karma would get her/his sorry cheating thieving ass eventually ....go Karma :evil:
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