Board and foil size vs my weight

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Board and foil size vs my weight

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I went a bought a Quattro 6' 130liter wing sup board and a MFC foil and mast. Foil is 1600 and mast is 82cm mast and a 6m wing. I now know this setup is meant for a heavier rider. I'm 150 lbs and an advanced sup paddler but I have no experience on foil. There's a lot of information out there. Some say buy big. I would like to flat water foil this thing on occasion. Question to those who know: with time and practice is it possible for my size to get thing flying or simply not happening?
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Re: Board and foil size vs my weight

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It's not ideal, but possible with the right technique. The top guys can paddle up 5-600cm2 foils in the flats. Of course that's on a barracuda. They could easily paddle up that setup, but they already have the technique down.

Weight is on your side since you won't have to be going any where near as fast as a 200lb paddler. 'Advanced' can mean a lot of things. Can you sprint? I'm talking 20-30 explosive strokes while ollieing the board on each stroke without loosing balance or turning. And of course once you're up you need to have something in the tank to keep foiling.

Ideally find someone with an axis 1150 or 1310 or sabfoil 1350 and learn to paddle up those foils first.
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