What To Do With Really Old Kite Gear

Kiteboarding or related items for sale, free to a good home, wanted etc.
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What To Do With Really Old Kite Gear

Post by slake »

Found this https://bigwavedave.ca/forums/topic/11062.html , https://bigwavedave.ca/forums/topic/3629.html , and https://bigwavedave.ca/forums/topic.html?t=7346 but they don't answer all my questions, although similar.

1) I actually kited a session, or two, with the items in the attached photos in '21 at Nitinat when taking a break from winging. It is all Liquid Force stuff I bought new in 2008 (kites are 8 and 12 m LF Havocs). I assume it would be silly, possibly unsafe, to use the bars/kites anymore. Is that fair to say? I did try to keep it all clean over the years but now I simply don't use it. If there is zero point in using the bars/kites is there anyone that would use them (for non-flying purposes) or they go in the trash? The last link above mentioned Matai Canada (no longer active?) and mafiabags.com (not in Canada).

2) If the bars/kites are history is the board useful? Would anyone use it? Too old? It is a LF Recoil 136x41 cm.

3) What about the LF travel bag itself? It's old.

I was going to drop at a thrift store if they had any interest but thought I'd check here first. And worry about someone trying to fly old gear, if really a bad idea. Maybe better to go to waste/recycling center.

Curious to know what folks here do with extinct? obsolete? old? gear.
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Re: What To Do With Really Old Kite Gear

Post by Junior »

1) Old kites are tricky. I recommend against donating to a store for resale as you could endanger someone. The purchaser likely won't be experienced. Unfortunately, not many people are repurposing kites either. Possible hobby/business venture for someone who likes sewing or wants to learn!

2) Boards age much slower, and it looks like someone could put yours to good use.

3) I suspect the travel bag is still useful if it's in good shape and would protect gear a bit in transit. I doubt bag tech has changed much.
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Re: What To Do With Really Old Kite Gear

Post by RobDS »

  • When I was in Cabarete pre-pandemic, there was a kite school that was pushing an upcycling initiative. Old kites we're being cut up and sewn into some nice bags/etc by locals, and then retailed in the school's shop.
So if there's a viable upcycling option out there, and you find it, please post about it.
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Re: What To Do With Really Old Kite Gear

Post by Joostio »

My brother is looking for a for a board as he is just starting out.

At Comox Kite Repair we often re use old kite fabric to make bags and wind socks.
Comox Kite Repair, we stand behind our work!
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Re: What To Do With Really Old Kite Gear

Post by chrisH »

Bit late to the discussion but some of the gear I’m using is even older (and failing). So I would be happy to take the kites and bar before you recycled them.
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