Squamish / Nexen marine access consultation – now!!

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Squamish / Nexen marine access consultation – now!!

Post by BigD »

It would be much appreciated if some island windsports enthusiasts could help provide feedback to the District of Squamish in order to preserve our windsports access. For those of you that don't know they started demolishing the spit this fall and there is no access to the Squamish Windsports Society launch anymore. They are promising to build a launch at Nexen which isn't ideal for a number of reasons but it will be the only place to launch from unless you have a boat.

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by raquo » Thu Feb 17, 2022 5:51 pm

District of Squamish is asking for comments on Nexen area marine use. We can't afford to lose our only launch site with free public land access, even if it's no spit. Let's make our statement loud and clear.

1. Go to https://letstalksquamish.ca/marine-acce ... ts-mapping

2. Register an account

3. Click on "+" (Add pin), then DRAG one of the pin types onto the map, and write a comment. Please BE CIVIL because your comments will be public, otherwise they will be removed. The area for this consultation is Nexen and Mamquam blind channel, not the spit, so comment accordingly.

4. Fill out the survey here: https://letstalksquamish.ca/marine-acce ... ess-survey (or here if you're an affected business).

5. Make at least a couple of your windsports buddies do the same.

I know it's winter lazytime, but numbers matter. Please take a few minutes to show that you care.

As an example, here are the pins I added myself:

Watercraft launch site - "This is the only kiteboarding and windsurfing launch with land access, and the only launch with free public access, in or around Squamish."
Upland marine amenity - "Need replacement for beach parking that the district took away, within short walking distance, without 2-hour limits. 100+ windsports users per day will be accessing the windsports beach in the summer."

Future access opportunity - "Because you removed land access to the spit, kiteboarding there will become a lot more expensive and inconvenient (if there will be any access at all), so a lot more people will be coming to the new oceanfront beach for windsports. The district needs to provide proper infrastructure for that, including a properly sized launch area and ample parking."

Marine access barrier - "Without ample parking within short walking distance, people will be effectively prevented from using the windsports beach. Windsurfing gear is bulky and heavy, windsports is a timing-sensitive activity, and for most people a car is the only feasible option of getting to the beach. The district has allowed developers to remove too much parking from this area already."

Marine safety - "Floatplanes will be a hazard to windsports users. Also, this floatplane dock will need to become a certified airport in 2023 due to upcoming TC regulations. These regulations will not allow Harbour Air to take off and land from the Mamquam blind channel, and will require a huge chunk of water that is currently used for sailing to be designated for exclusive floatplane use as runway and clearway. There has been no effort from Harbour Air to meaningfully address any of these issues."

Please post a few of your own comments, whether it's about the same issues, or something else.
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