Wing vs regular windsurfing sail

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Re: Wing vs regular windsurfing sail

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I have lots of experience with windsurfing, windfoiling and wingfoiling and I cannot imagine wanting to use a wing without a foil as they are like holding a towel in the wind compared to a windsurf sail. There's a reason people only do this once or twice to learn about wing handling before moving to foil boards. As someone already said they come alive with a foil and then are preferable for me that a windsurf sail. If I went out in heavy winds with a wing and no foil my arms would quickly tire for with all the dragging and knocking about from being on the water's surface, whereas I could be out for hours with a wing and foil (and maybe a harness too). If I went out in light winds on a giant foilless board with a wing I'd get tired from that too as I'd be supporting a wing up over my head rather than the wing supporting me, which also wouldn't be much fun.
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