Lost Board Cabrinha Code with Axis foil and Mast

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Lost Board Cabrinha Code with Axis foil and Mast

Post by Steven »

Foiling at Pipers Lagoon on Sunday August 20, 2023.
Leash broke and my board and foil blew away from me.

Likely path was toward the north end of Gabriola Island or Duke Point Ferry in Nanaimo.

Board is a brand new Cabrinha Code

Foil is an Axis SES red and black.

If you spot them please call or text message me at 250 886 5433.

Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 15.17.33.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 15.24.20.png
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Re: Lost Board Cabrinha Code with Axis foil and Mast

Post by UnusuallyLargeRobin »

You should let the Coast Guard know as it may initiate a search for missing person/board owner. They also frequently get called by someone who finds it, so they can relay on your information to finder to get it back! I know happened to me once.
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Re: Lost Board Cabrinha Code with Axis foil and Mast

Post by winddoctor »

Really hope you get your rig back in good shape, Steven!

Most of us either have already or will experience the heart-crushing sight of our board floating away from us faster than we can swim. A crucial skill is to learn the technique to drag back to your board using the wing leading edge down to chase the board. Practice with another buddy sailing with you in case you can't catch it. I've used this technique a few times with excellent success. Good idea to write your number on all of your gear too.
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Re: Lost Board Cabrinha Code with Axis foil and Mast

Post by smartang »

Second on the wing body drag. I'd recommend riding without a leash a few times on those summer trips to flatter conditions like Nitinat, China Creek etc. It works every time in places like that. Still works in swell, but with a higher heart rate.
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Re: Lost Board Cabrinha Code with Axis foil and Mast

Post by Jfish »

There is a Gabriola Facebook Lost and Found group that is very active. I'd recommend putting your post on there as well.

I felt terrible that this happened to you. Watched it all go down with nothing I could do.
I texted my friend that lives on Gabe the day it happened and he has not heard/seen anything. I also walked the likely beaches the next day on Gabriola - no luck.

A northwest wind struck up and while I was on Gabriola and it looked like Jack's Point Park/Duke point ferry is quite likely. Still may be worth a shot with the facebook lost and found.

Hope that by some crazy miracle it is found.
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