John's Poetry

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Grant Watson
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John's Poetry

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Hi all... Several people have asked about John's poetry.
xo C&G

Words, at the Moment

A moment
When time stands still
beauty forever
caught by emotion,
A moment
reflection of mortality
endless beauty
yours if you want it
a moment.


They sing for the day,
they sing for the night,
restless in flight
forever seeking,
forever free,
Oh! how much I envy.


Wheels for legs,
because they have none,
smiles for hope,
because they can,
happiness in joy,
because they are.
Wheels for legs, loving life the best they can.

Our Earth

Greener than yellow,
Brighter than blue,
Incandescent browns,
Golden hues,
Cascading whites,
ever full,
always true.


The rush through the trees,
the hush, of the leaves,
the push of the day
into the night
as always,
my friend.


Do they know happiness,
do they know grief,
I think they do,
this is my belief.
Timeless fluttering,
magical beasts,
fragile and sleek,
outspoken at times,
others, so meek,
caressing the air,
with gentle cheek,
laughing, and playing
without ever saying.


Our emotions are there,
to make us aware,
of life,
of love,
of suffering,
and not.
Emotions illuminate our souls,
and make us pure,
or not.

Lost Soul

A soul so bleak,
as to not speak.
Outcast and wandering,
silently aware,
of those who stare,
knowing not why,
life is not always fair,
but silently, aware.
Time forgotten.

The Kite

Clarity and power,
the feeling of oneness,
the feeling of creation.
I fly and swim,
nothing of the hour,
only clarity and power.
pure flight,
passing time from days gone by.
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Russian Dood
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Thank you Grant
Cancer must die!
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sweet words Johnny Sweet magic words
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Pretty cool guy ..

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Thank you for sharing johns poety. I think his poetry and art were one of the many things that made John such huge insperation.
I see that smile every time i start getting sad about loosing him and remember that there were so many differant side to him :)
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Thank you Iggy :) This is a great video to have.

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