Johnny Read's last blast - The Big Bang

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Johnny Read's last blast - The Big Bang

Post by Iggy »

There's a plan in the works to spread Johnny Read's ashes at Cook St.
John's spoken wish was to go out with a bang, the bigger the better!!
With this in mind we are planning for a professional pyrotechnician to be on hand to launch 5 X 5" rockets, these will get about 500' of "air" before exploding in a colourful display, John would approve!
This stuff does not come cheap... 5 X 5" rockets@$25/ea. Permit @$100.
Insurance@$300. The pyro has generously agreed to do the whole thing for $75. I've spoken to a few people who are willing.
By a show of hands please let me know if you're in for a contribution to Johnny's last blast. Let's make this happen.
More = less here, 60 = $10/ea.
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Post by Ross »

I`m in for whatever it takes.
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Post by bwd »

Cool idea, put me down for $50.
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John's last blast

Post by Bobson »

Put Bobson down for $20.
Good Times,
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Post by Russian Dood »

count me in
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Post by Gareth »

Its all about the adventure and stoke!
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Post by Lindsey »

also in
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I would

Post by AC »

K I'm in
Who do i give it to.?
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Johnny's last blast

Post by Iggy »

Hi all,
Thanks for the excellent response.
I'm working with the pyro guy to make certain we get permits.
No dates yet, how about May/June when the weather's warmer.
Permit may take awhile, will keep you all posted.
I'll post a collection point for funds when we're all in.
Anybody with complimentary ideas welcome here too.
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Post by colin »

I'm in.
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Post by Kite Kook »

Vive et Ama
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Post by KUS »


R we attaching his ashes to the rockets or get them inside to give him a good spread? :P LOL

Not clear on the coin, who do we give it to and it's only $300 total plus the insurance? Who needs insurance, sounds way too steep and J would have never paid for THAT 8) Let's get more rockets instead....
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What IF?

Post by AC »

we launch them off my boat.. i dont think you will scratch the paint
and we can hide in the cabin:lol
And think we can out run the coast guard .
But think we sould call VIC. traffic so we dont shoot down and air planes
or helicopters.
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Go big or go home

Post by catstrax »

Just let me know were to send the cash !! You guys are doing a great job !This is such a cool idea.Love it :)
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John's Last Blast

Post by DaveB »

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