BCCF Fundraiser in Support of RD

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BCCF Fundraiser in Support of RD

Post by bwd »

The fundraiser has ended. Thank you to those that donated money and prizes!

TOTAL RAISED = $7000.00

The windsurfing and kiteboarding community on bigwavedave.ca are rallying around their friend and windsurfing comrade Andrei Vojakine (Russian Dood) who has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and is currently undergoing a six week cycle of chemotherapy and radiation treatments at the BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver Island Centre . He has taken to writing about his treatments here: http://www.bigwavedave.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5411

Some words from Andrei:
“My name is Andrei Vojakine and I have been recently diagnosed with brain cancer. The disease came up very quickly and unexpectedly, without any warning signs. One day I was windsurfing on the Oregon coast and two days later I was at the hospital getting ready for the operation.

I would like to mention all the medical staff that helped me through the pre- and post-operation period, as well as everyone who helped me at the BC Cancer Agency. These people do an absolutely remarkable job of helping people pass through this difficult time and make our life easier. I would like to contribute, somehow, to cancer research, prevention and the support effort by increasing awareness in our community and by making a donation.”

We felt that it was only fitting that we honour our friend’s courage by having a promotional draw and donating the funds to the BC Cancer Foundation. The goal is to raise $7,500 and the draw is scheduled to run between November 1 and December 31, 2011. 100% of the donations will go to the BCCF in Andrei’s name. We have assembled some great prizes to give away to the donors. The tickets are technically free (for legal gaming reasons :roll:), but we are asking that you donate over $20 to get one entry into the draw (one ticket per person).


Update Nov 24: You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Andrei’s healing journey will not be an easy one, but he has all the weapons he needs to battle cancer - courage, strength and determination. Please help us send a message to Andrei that he is not walking his healing journey alone.

Once you have donated, please be sure to post a note on this forum thread with your details so that your name can be added to the draw. If your name isn't on this list then you won't be in the draw!

Here is the list of the prizes (with a total value of over $6000) for our BWD Fundraiser for the BC Cancer Foundation in Support of RD. We will pull names from a hat on or before Jan 7 (Christmas Day in Russia :)) – the 1st name will win the 1st prize listed, 2nd name will receive the 2nd prize and so on.

Prize #1:
A three night stay at Cox Bay Beach Resort in a beautiful two bedroom condo with a great view of the waves:
The condo sleeps four. This prize was donated by a very generous and anonymous BWD member! Valued at $800.

Prize #2:
A piece of artwork by Grant Watson: http://grant-watson-sculptfiction.blogspot.com/
The piece is called "Fortune Cookie #10" and is shown here.
It is 12"x12", out of Wood and Hydrocal and it retails in the gallery for $800.
Thank you very much Grant for this generous donation!

Prize #3:
Ocean Rodeo has generously donated a 2011 JT Pro Kiteboard valued at $600! (132x40 but can be changed for a 138).

Prize #4:
A gift certicate for a two nights stay at Beach Acres Resort in Parksville (good for one year and available anytime except holidays and long weekends). Thank you Vanessa at the Beach Acres Resort for donating this gift!

Prize #5:
A GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition helmet cam donated by BWD. Valued at $349.

Prizes #6 and 7:
Two Chinook Triple Clamp Alloy Windsurfing Booms donated by Chris Shepard at Excel Water Sports. Thanks Chris! Valued at $219 each.

Prizes #8, 9 and 10:
Three Loki Outerwear jackets donated by Lance (canadianpowder). Thank you very much Lance!

Prize #8: Women's Ring Jacket: $269 Size: Med Colour: Black

Prize #9: Men's Tak Jacket: $219 Size: Large Colour: Sage Green

Prize #10: Loki Kids Jacket: $189 Size: 7 Colour: Iris Pink

Prizes #11, 12 and 13:
Three pieces from Greenearthwoodworks (a bench, a salvaged wood mirror and a peg rack). Thank you very much Rob (Windsurf247)!

Prize #14:
An Enduro fibreglass Starboard SUP paddle. Thank you to Trident and Starboard for donating!

Prize #15:
A kiteboarding ground lesson from strongkiteboarding.com and MartyD. Basically everything you need before hitting the water, about 2 hours. Thank you AC and MartyD.

Prizes #16 and 17:
Two Quiksilver Sea Stash dry bags. Thank you to Quiksilver for donating!

Prizes #18 and 19:
Two weekend SUP rentals from Epic Surf Co. Thank you Epic Surf Co!

Prize #20:
Island Outfitters in Victoria has donated a salmon rod and reel valued at $100. Thank you Island Outfitters!

Prize #21:
Totally Board Surf Shop in Port Alberni has donated a free surf rental (including: board, wetsuit/booties/gloves/hood, roofrack, equipment tote). Thank you Totally Board Surf Shop!

Prize #22
A full wetsuit and surfboard rental from Island Surf Co.. Thank you Island Surf Co.!

Prize #23:
One Pair of Atan booties from Vancouver Island Windsports. Thank you Kus!

Prizes #24 and 25:
Two 'down filled' cotton blankets (1 dog/1 cat) donated by Johanna Schimdt:
Thank you for the donation Johanna!

Prizes #26 and 27:
Two Windsurfing Movie II DVD's donated by Nanmoo. Thank you Tony!

Prize #28:
One pair of Xcel Infinity 3mm surf gloves from Coastline Surf and Sport. Thank you Coastline!

Prize #29:
One pair of Dakine 28" long roof rack pads:
http://dakine.com/p/windsurf/rack-acces ... k-pad-long
Thank you to TheLaw for donating!

Prizes #30 and 31:
Two Loki Outerwear 3 in 1 hats donated by Lance (canadianpowder). Thank you Lance!
Loki Accessories: x2 $30 3 in 1 hat. Olive Green

Prizes #32 to 35:
Four BWD T shirts

Thanks again to all those that donated prizes and to the hard working team that organized the fundraiser over the last two months!
Here is the list of donors so far, note that names and not amounts will be shown
(updated January 01, 2012):

1. Morley Eldridge (more force 4)
2. Mike Teachman (morewind)
3. Markus Koloska (KUS)
4. Jason Lewis (~~~~~4j~~)
5. Sam Jackson (samj)
6. Ian Gastonguay (Teabag)
7. David Wingate (Winger)
8. BettyAnn Knappett (BA)
9. Rob Stickney (~ pimp hand ~)
10. Bergman Family (downwind dave)
11. Randy Beveridge (Randy)
12. Greg Caws (Snarfer)
13. Mark Law (TheLaw)
14. Andrei Vojakine (Russian Dood)
15. Pete Robertson (Shaggy)
16. Kevin Cawston (KJ)
17. Jellyfish
18. Dallas Chisholm (BigD)
19. David Clutton (C36)
20. Ben Biffard (bwBiff)
21. Marty Dovick (MartyD)
22. Barb Wallace (Barb W)
23. Geoff Wood (Geoffy)
24. Paul Underhill (Kite Kook)
25. Trevor Prest (dunkinguy)
26. Ray Vanderbyl (Rvanderbyl)
27. Ralph Petley-Jones (Eastside)
28. Mike Blades (mortontoemike)
29. Geoffrey Hall (heffe222)
30. Windsurfish and Janetfish
31. Mike Fischer (kook)
32. Joe Barlow (Joe)
33. Colin Guy (cguygo)
34. Reuben Mills (blackdogvan)
35. Liviu Cosacescu (liviu)
36. Derek Rushton (drush)
37. Boris Zinine
38. Little Wing
39. Vlad Trakhtenberg
40. Anonymous
41. Anthony Warren (Keen)
42. Phil Montgomery (Kayakdoc)
43. waytogo
44. Ulrika and Adrian (uddereef)
45. Rob Town
46. Robin Mitchell (UnusuallyLargeRobin)
47. Dale Moffatt (kitesurferdale)
48. Michael Neilson
49. Dave Bean (Bean)
50. Paul Luksay (PaulL)
51. Corinne Issmer & Mike Matlo
52. Sandy Beach and WS247
53. Mike Crickmer
54. Tanya Debroux
55. hellyhansen
56. Kevin Vowles
57. Todd Horn (OtLunch)
58. Bruno
59. Keith Lownie (KC7777)
60. Luke Acker (Skywalker)
61. Boris Petrov
62. RookieRyan
63. Don Lacasse (Wingnut)
64. Tony Litke (Nanmoo)
65. Roger Duddridge
66. Hilda Duddridge
67. Linda & Steve Cochrane
68. Anna & Michael Arneja
69. Susana Guardado
70. Rey Zope
71. Mike W
72. Nanmoo's sidekick (Mel)
73. ToesideT
74. Winddoc
75. Steph
76. Movie Night at RVYC ($685) 8)
77. Mike Blades (mortontoemike) donated twice, included once 8)
78. Tempy
79. Gene Windsor
80. Tweezer
81. Paul Betts (CAN651)
82. Chris Bogaert (lud)
83. tallsprintergal
84. Aaron G Black
85. Johnny Harkin
86. Bruce Clarke (bfc)
87. Steve H
88. Julie H
89. Anonymous
90. Steve Hutchison
91. EmmaK
92. Dan Shumuk
93. Cheryl Chisholm (surfer wantabee)
94. johnnyman
95. simon pearson(spinetingler)
96. Mark jackson(goflyakite)
97. BWD

TOTAL RAISED = $7000.00 :lol:

"The BC Cancer Agency is the provincial organization responsible for cancer control on behalf of all BC residents. It is a broad and diverse community of health professionals and specialists based in five regional centres across the province. In a single year, Agency staff will guide more than 23,000 British Columbians through their cancer experience – from prevention and screening, diagnosis and treatment, patient support and counseling, to rehabilitation or end-of-life-care.

Uniquely, Agency scientists work side-by-side with their clinical colleagues, sharing questions and answers, as well as a constant focus on the best possible outcome for the patient.  This approach has helped British Columbians experience the lowest cancer incidence rates and mortality rates in Canada. This close collaboration has helped attract world-class researchers to British Columbia and is the basis for what has been described as a “golden age” of cancer research.

The progressive research of the BC Cancer Agency brings hope to cancer patients in BC and beyond with each new discovery. Improvements to care are a direct result of exciting new research evidence. Change is happening, and research is leading the way. Together, with our donor partners in discovery, the Agency is constantly celebrating groundbreaking research achievements. Read about the latest discoveries."
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Post by more force 4 »

I have no doubt the goal will be exceeded several times over!
[edit December 1]
Well that might be a trifle optimistic, but we've beaten the original goal already - lets make the revised one happen :!: :!:
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Post by KUS »

Kus "in".... check ...

-Despising this hideous disease as ever
-Rooting for you as always, RD :!:

Let's rally, people 8)
Wish less, sail more!!
Vancouver Island Windsports
Chinook /Takuma /KA Australia

You're either in or in the way....
Doing things the hard way since 1963....
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Post by ~~~~~4j~~ »

Wow, great to see everyone get together for this! Donated the minute I saw this. I'll pass this link on to others.
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Post by samj »

Game on RD! Pulling for you mate. Let's go :!:
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Post by Winger »

I'm in let's keep it going! Go RD Maui's waiting!!!
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Post by Randy »

Pistol River, hot sun, lawn chairs & no wind. It's all good RD.
Randy is in too.
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Post by TheLaw »

Dood....I'm in!
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Russian Dood
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Post by Russian Dood »

You guys rock! It's been just a day since the Fundraiser has been annoneced and we already almost half way up!

Keep donations coming! Lets make it $20000 :lol:


Cancer must die!
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Post by KJ »

A great cause. All the best, Andrei.

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In like Flynn

Post by BigD »

&#1042;&#1099;&#1079;&#1076;&#1086;&#1088;&#1072;&#1074;&#1083;&#1080;&#1074;&#1072;&#1081; &#1089;&#1082;&#1086;&#1088;&#1077;&#1077;.

&#1052;&#1086;&#1105; &#1089;&#1091;&#1076;&#1085;&#1086; &#1085;&#1072; &#1074;&#1086;&#1079;&#1076;&#1091;&#1096;&#1085;&#1086;&#1081; &#1087;&#1086;&#1076;&#1091;&#1096;&#1082;&#1077; &#1087;&#1086;&#1083;&#1085;&#1086; &#1091;&#1075;&#1088;&#1077;&#1081;

Nice work BWD and all the donors. See you all on the water soon! You too RD.

- Dallas
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Post by jellyfish »

Signed in to support you RD! Keep up the stoke!
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Post by C36 »

The outpouring of support is impressive! :D

My donation is in and posted links here at the windsurfer.com and here at windsurfcanada.com to encourage others to do the same.

Let's keep this rolling! :D
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Post by MartyD »

Got you back RD!
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Post by Barb W »

Healthy cells in; misbehavin cells out!!! Stay well RD.
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