Looking for ride from Raleigh to OBX, May 2nd...

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Looking for ride from Raleigh to OBX, May 2nd...

Post by friendlyfire »

Hi guys,
this is a long shot, but I'm hoping someone might know someone with travel plans lining up with mine.

The deal is that I am joining up with a troop of Comox Valley kiters for a Hatteras blowout, but in order not to miss my kids ballet recital (like I did last year because of kiteboarding!) I arrive about 8 hours after the last guy comes in.

My other buddy is arriving a few days later and he is getting a car, so I'd really like to find a way to get out there from Raleigh without renting a car (or spending $200 USD on private transport).

if you have any ideas for me that would be awesome

My flight scheduled in to Raleigh Durham at 10:00 PM May 1st.

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Post by eastside »

Dear Friendly Fire
Your child has to realize that your self actualization is just as important as his or hers. He or she wouldn't want to miss a school trip to Disneyland just so he or she could come to your induction as President of the Comox Kite Club. So just explain this to your child and your significant other. I am sure they will understand it is better for everyone if you just hang with your bru for the entire trip.

And wasn't this the problem that Facebook was invented to solve? You see the vid of the recital and he or she sees the cool vid of your latest move! Everybody happy.

Or maybe this didn't work last year? So just spend the $200. It maybe the best deal you get. You know friendly fire hurts worse than the unfriendly kind.
Anne Landers-Eastside
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Post by KUS »

normal rule is nothing to be booked during daylight hours
as per DM :idea:
sorry, no appointments, period :!: the forecast might change ....and it most certainly will if I book an appointment
kus :arrow:
Pay the $200, pretty cheap family points ...or hitch hike, I thought kiteboarding was all about travelling light :?: and that Deliverance movie ...I am sure was an isolated incident in the US

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Post by Joostio »

I think East Landers may have to start a colum/ thread here with personal advice. Some pretty sound advice.
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Post by nanmoo »

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getting to OBX

Post by olaf »

and/or try the shops on OBX
if you need a good coach http://www.outerbankskiting.com/
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