BWD Oregon Coast Water, Wave and Windsports Camp 2016

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Post by Johnnyman »

Hey Coastal crew. Thanks all for a successful 2016 BWD eco tour wave
camp. Hope you have all the wind and waves you need for the remainder of the camp. Looking like the salt is staying on my gear....not quite enough wind to get going at the hatch.
See you all next year hopefully .
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Post by winddoctor »

Campers, thanks for an incredible trip! Best Oregon trip to date and felt huge gratitude to get to share it with y'all. C36 thanks again for your coverage of the camp and your fantastic photos. 4J, huge thanks to you too! Feeling really happy and stoked! Sorry to those I didn't get a chance to say good bye to before leaving. Rip it up, campers!!!
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Post by Shonandb »

Cape Campers. It was a great first trip for me and good to finally put some faces to the names and meet everyone. Thanks C36 and J from Calgary for keeping the memories front and centre with all the pics. Already looking forward to next year.
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Post by stokeometer »

Thanks for an incredible trip, BWD crew. Certainly the most fun-packed, burrito-filled, high performance windsurfing trip I have ever done! See you all on the water sooner than later hopefully and a big extra thanks to all the photographers and documentarians!!

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Post by C36 »

S31 – windsurf – Cape (July 2)


Moose knuckles. Early wind at the Cape called the remaining BWD campers to the water for one last `camp` session. Windoctor and Thelaw had both headed north the day before and DB left early that morning as there wasn`t enough swell to surf/SUP early morning. Those that remained were treated to some west swell. Playful waves were made challenging by moose knuckles or rolls. Still fun but the south swell seemed oh so sweet by comparison. Headed north about 2:30 pm after the session. Quick look-sees at Bandon (HUGE and too light to sail) and Florence (enough wind, but not enticing enough – must be running out of energy). Made Hood River by 10:30 pm. It was fun while it lasted! Thanks to all the BWD wave campers for sharing yet another memorable trip! Many thanks!

Gallery (better for mobile devices)
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Post by redbaron »

Most stoked from the coastal journey! Big thanks to everybody for keeping the fun alive and to those excellent photographers that captured such great moments. Big success 2016 8) :P
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Post by Merek »

I concur. What a beautiful place to windsurf. Thanks to windsurfish for his enthusiasm to get me to finally try pistol river after sailing the Cape for 3 consecutive days. I am now addicted and can hardly wait to come back here again, likely August/September.
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Post by Tsawwassen »

Yes another amazing trip, I think my best so far. Sorry I missed some of you, but great to see all your pictures! Thanks to all the photographers, 4j, Law, Winddoc, C36 and anyone else I missed for capturing some amazing moments.
And of course to the rest of the BWD crew for such a great time. Can't wait until next year!!
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