Model 2 - Map Viewer

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Model 2 - Map Viewer

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On the Forecast tab under Model 2 there is some new functionality. Like the University of Washington wind model summary table (Model 1) you can click on a cell for a particular time to view the model as a map. This allows you to get the big picture for the wind patterns. There is also a 'Map' button at the top and this will open the map with the model set close to the current date and time.

Here are some notes:
The map uses Web Map Services (WMS) from NRCAN and these are drawn dynamically rather than as a static image like Model 1.
  • It is important to note that these services are not always in synchronization with the GRIB files used to generate the model summary table.
  • Sometimes the services malfunction and the viewer may not function correctly. This is not under the control of and usually these problems get resolved within a few days by NRCAN.
  • Learn more here
The top right buttons provide some useful tools:
  • The joystick button opens / closes a control panel.
  • The opacity slider changes the transparency of the model data and the wind vectors (if turned on)
  • The wind vectors and base map can be turned on or off as required using the check boxes.
  • The info button opens / closes the map legend. Note that the colour scheme is not the same as that used in the model summary table and this is controlled by NRCAN not
The bottom panel displays the current model and the prediction date and time.
  • Clicking on the date and time will toggle between local time and GMT (UTC 0)
  • The arrows allow you to move forward or backwards through the model prediction times. The resolution of the model will reduce as you view predictions further into the future.
Map Navigation:
  • The top left buttons allow you to zoom in or out at predefined scales.
  • To pan the map you can click on the map near the edge (top, left, bottom or right).
  • You can also use 2 fingers on a mobile device to move or zoom the map but this does not always have predictable results.
Older web browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and NCSA Mosaic are not supported. I have tested it on Chrome, Edge and Firefox (desktop browsers) and Safari for iPhone. If you have an Android device and notice issues please PM me.

Big thanks to bigwavedave for getting this integrated into the site -- and of course for the hundreds of hours you put into maintaining the site that most people don't know about!
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